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Create a Memorial for Your Cat

The perfect tribute for a special friend

To create a memorial for your cat, you must first focus on the thing that most any pet cat brings to the lives of its owners: love. A special cat is, of course, cute, cuddly, furry, funny, precious, and even pretty. But, then, so is a typical teddy bear or other stuffed animal. And the latter hardly ever warrant a special memorial.

So, the first thing to consider as you create a memorial for your cat is the one thing that makes your cat different from the other cute, cuddly, furry, funny, precious and even pretty objects that adorn your home. That thing, of course, is love.

Love is what makes us forgive the faults of our feline companions, and what makes them forgive ours.Love is what makes you forgive your cat when she uses the bathroom on your sofa, when his pointless yeowling keeps you awake all night, when he jumps upon your dinner table and takes a few bites of your meal while you are away for a few seconds pouring yourself a drink. You don’t give away your cat when those unfortunate experiences occur, and that’s because you love him or her.

So, to create a memorial for your cat, you should focus, first, on the love.

Have fun with your memorial, make it a celebration of your cat’s life. Allow memories -- both the good memories and the annoying one -- flow freely, and you will create a wonderful memorial for you cat.

Once you have jotted down a few ideas for how to create your memorial for your cat, you will find that there is no shortage of products available to help create the most beautiful memorial possible.

In one popular example, a number of memorial pendants are available in the form of, simply, a ball of yarn. This simple symbol is enough to bring a permanent smile to many cat owners, who, if they happen to be knitters, were probably not always happy with their cat.

A cat memorial should invoke the love that is felt for a catA common frustration of cat owners is the cat’s inability to ignore a ball of yarn being knitted or crocheted. But, when you create a memorial for your cat, that frustration turns into a wonderful, happy memory.

As much as our cats annoy us on occasion, love keeps us, always, coming back for more of their silliness. And that’s an important thing to remember when you create a memorial for your cat. Here are some examples of a few possible cat tombstones that may inspire you to create a memorial for your cat yourself.

Dear Spiderkity, you ruined 2 sofas, a bed, and three rooms full of carpet. But we will love you forever anyway!

Dear Bob, I’m sleeping better these days. But I still miss you!

Here lies Smokey, the sweater maker’s worst enemy.

When you create a memorial for your cat, you should also consider invoking the tradition of the Rainbow Bridge. According to this ancient legend, when a cat or any pet dies, its soul crosses a beautiful rainbow bridge and arrives in a special, happy prairie, where it frolics endlessly among the world’s other pets until its owner dies. The owner’s first stop on the way to heaven, then, is to this same meadow where pet and human are, happily reunited forever. Such a story is a perfect fit when you create a memorial to your cat.

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