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How to memorialize your horse is often question on the minds of families who have lost their special friend. Just like any other pet, a horse is a very special part of the family. Some horse owners argue that they have a stronger bond with their horse because, unlike a dog or cat who usually lives to be cared for, their horse worked hard beside them, providing a service on their farm or ranch, for a great number of years. With that in mind, it is no wonder that a horse owner may feel a strong designer to honor the life of their beloved equine companion. Below are some ideas how to memorialize your horse.

Memorializing a horse can greatly help bring closure to the lossFirst, for show horses who are worthy of a memorial plaque displayed somewhere in which the horse had a winning moment. If you have a champion show horse, for example, it might be a good idea to contact the owners of the arenas where he made his most spectacular performances to explore ideas for how to memorialize your horse. Rodeo horses or race horses also are often deserving of a special memorial plaque inside a particular stable or in a certain arena’s grandstand area. If you answer the question of how to memorialize your horse with such a plaque, you will assure that memories of your special horse stay a part of the public record for many years to come. This is an important consideration because, of course, if you’re winning horse is important to you, he most certainly is important to hundreds or even thousands of other fans of whom you may have never met. Those fans, like you, may also be wondering how to memorialize your horse, and giving them a beautiful, public plaque by which to remember your special horse, is as great a tribute as you can pay to both your horse and his loyal fans.

But, for those special horses that are not quite so well known publicly, there are a number of excellent ideas for how to memorialize your horse. Your family should consider establishing a beautiful memorial rock in a pasture in which your horse loved to roam. You could also place a memorial rock near, say, a special pond in which your beloved horse like to stop for a drink. Memorial rocks have the appearance of an authentic, natural rock, but have a beautiful bronze plaque attached. Once installed in a specific location, they are designed to weather the elements for decades and to you’re your family a long-lasting memorial tribute for your horse. They are perfect for answering the question of how to memorialize your horse because they give your family a special place in which to visit to forever recall the special memories that your horse brought to the family.

A horse memorial will capture and preserve the memory of a truly remarkable creatureMany horse owners now have the option of having their equine friend cremated. Given the size of a horse, usually there is more cremation ash than a standard cremation urn can accommodate. That is why many in the memorial industry have begun creating extra-large, or full size horse cremation urns, which are designed to hold a full set of cremation ash remains of a horse. These urns feature elegant designs to offer a dignified remembrance of beautiful horse, and many can even accommodate a photo or two of one's majestic companion. There is also the option of smaller 'keepsake-sized' horse urns, which will only accommodate a small portion of ash, for families who prefer to inter or scatter a majority of their horse's remains. Either option will allow a family to create a comforting tribute of their horse.

Another common way that family answer the question of how to memorialize your horse is to make a charitable donation in your horses name to one of the many horse-related organization that work to assure healthy, honorable existences for all horses. The American Quarter Horse Association is one example of a group that would be thankful, and deserving, of your gift. That group -- as well as others such as veterinary schools, and groups that host shows and competitions have special memorial programs in which donations in a horse’s name are recognized publicly in a variety of ways. These groups may also, of course, have many more suggestions for answer the question how to memorialize your horse.

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