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Most memorials for pets are displayed and stored as part of private residences, but many are also made part of America’s growing number of sometimes elaborate pet cemeteries. Pet memorials are treated at these cemeteries with the same amount of grace and respect that one would expect from a human cemetery. Perhaps the most famous collection of pet tributes in the United States today is at the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in southern California, and, like others of its kind, this park has special sections devoted to the display of monuments dedicated to the memory of lost companions. The wide variety of beautifully designed pet memorials from urn gardens to statues to headstones help make the Los Angeles cemetery and many other similar facilities across the world, a top attraction for tourists from around the world. This is evidence that memorials for pets, besides being a perfect way to preserve the loving memories of any pet, can also be beautiful, even important, works of art.

Memorials that honor the life of our companion animals are an important, if sometimes unsung; part of any family’s history and traditions, and many online memorial dealers offer a wide variety of products that are ideal for capturing and preserving these special memories. Memorials for pets can come in the form of pet cremation urns, pet coffins, pet cremation jewelry and even pet headstones and grave markers. All memorials for pets are designed and crafted by expert artisans who put their finest efforts into creating pet memorials that will last the ages.

Pet Memorials can offer a number of ways to honor the life of a beloved companion animalPets are typically an extension of most people’s traditional family, so losing a pet can be a difficult, mournful time. That’s why pet memorials are designed to be as elegant, as dignified and as precious as memorials designed for humans. These tributes often serve to help families who have lost their special pets remember what legend says about the afterlife of an animal: Tradition has it that, when a pet dies, it travels across the legendary Rainbow Bridge, and ends up in a beautiful meadow where it frolics endlessly with all of the world’s other deceased pets. When the pet’s owner dies, then, his or her first stop on the way to heaven is across this same rainbow to the same meadow, where he or she is reunited with the pet. The two companions travel to heaven where they live together for eternity. A comfortable looking, inviting, memorial for pets, no matter its form, will help bring this legend to life for a grieving pet owner, reminding the pet’s owner that, as he or she buries the special friend, the two will one day be together again forever. 

Because memorials for pets can create associations like this, they can be an important part of the healthy grieving process that any animal lover experiences at the death of a beloved pet. Experts say it is important to recognize that the difficult emotions associated with losing a pet are as valid as any other human feeling, and dealing with them is important for healthy living. Accordingly, many pet owners have found memorials that preserve and honor the memory of a lost companion animal to be a particular comfort.

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