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The Perfect Tribute To A Beloved Little Friend

Pet cremation urns are beautiful mini-monuments that capture, pay-tribute- too, and preserve the precious memories that every loved pet leaves behind.

 Among their many functions as part of the healthy grieving process that any pet parent experiences at the death of a pet, pet cremation urns serve as a comforting reminder of what many believe is the afterlife world of all pets. Tradition has it that, when a pet dies, it travels across the legendary Rainbow Bridge, and ends up in a beautiful meadow where it frolics endlessly with all of Pet cremation urns can offer a variety of memorial optionsthe world’s other deceased pets. When the pet’s owner dies, then, his or her first stop on the way to heaven is across this same rainbow to the same meadow, where he or she is reunited with the pet. The two companions travel to heaven where they live together for eternity.

Pet cremation urns help bring this legend to life for a grieving pet owner, serving as a constant reminder that owner and pet will, one day, be together again forever.

Because pet cremation urns create associations like this, experts say, pet cremation urns are an important part of the healthy grieving process that any animal lover experiences at the death of a beloved pet. Experts say it is important to recognize that the difficult emotions associated with losing a pet are as valid as any other human feeling, and dealing with them is important for healthy living. Accordingly, many pet owners have found pet cremation urns to be a particular comfort. Cremation of a pet can sometimes have the air of finality that is difficult for a pet owner to accept. Their ability to keep a pet’s memory alive for the ages, therefore, makes pet cremation urns a great comfort for animal lovers.

Pet cremation urns are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and they can be displayed in a myriad of manners that will preserve precious memories for years.

Pet cremation urns can be made of glass, marble, metal or even wood and ceramicPet cremation urns can be made of glass, marble, metal and even wood, and most can be engraved with the beloved pets name and any other appropriate text.  Pet cremation urns can take the shape of traditional vase-like cremation urns that can be displayed on a mantel or in some other special indoor location. Photo pet urns are created to incorporate a frame, in which a pet's picture can be displayed. Or pet cremation urns can be molded into an almost limitless number of shapes including the shape of a pet and displayed outdoors as a permanent, beautiful addition to a home’s landscaping.

While pet cremation urns are usually displayed at private residences, they can also become part of sometimes elaborate pet cemeteries. One of the most famous pet cemeteries in America is the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in southern California, and, like others of its kind, this park has special sections devoted to the display of pet cremation urns.  The wide variety of beautifully designed pet cremation urns hearty enough to stand up to the elements for decades help make the Los Angeles, and many other similar cemeteries across the world, a top attraction for tourists from around the world.

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