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Pet Memorials 101

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When a beloved pet dies, experts in grief strongly recommend a memorial of some sort as a healthy way to cope with the loss. But that can be easier said than done. The emotion involved with losing a companion animal, combined with social factors that sometimes belittle people who cannot seem to "just get over" a beloved pet's death, can sometimes make organizing a memorial much too daunting a task to even contemplate. This results in the unfortunate circumstance of many pet owners simply requesting that their beloved pet's remains simply be disposed of quickly, anonymously and even Everyone should brush up on a little 101 on building a memorial to a petunceremoniously. Such a request can provide quick immediate relief for a distraught and grieving pet owner. But it can also lead to regret later.

So, again, experts say it is usually best to muster the energy and give your pet a proper memorial shortly after the time of death. Here are some suggestions for doing that:

First, do not be bashful about your need to celebrate your faithful friend’s life. Simply do what’s in your heart. If you desire to stage a full-blown back-yard funeral, complete with an invitation to all friends and neighbors and even a sound system with special music, well, go for it, experts say. Some people have even been known to ask a pastor to officiate such services. There is nothing wrong with such a request.

Funerals of this type are so common that a rather large industry now exists specifically to help you arrange one. Most large or medium sized cities have at least one large pet cemetery whose staff will be able to help you arrange a fitting funeral, and plenty of companies can be found on the internet that can ship you a suitable animal casket or even a pet grave marker quickly for such a service.

There are many options available when selecting memorials for petsAfter a service (or even if an elaborate funeral is not your style) there are numerous options available to help keep your friend’s memory alive in your home for the ages. Veterinarians usually offer a selection (or at least a catalog) of memorial items such as pet cremation urns, bronze plaques suitable for indoor or outdoor display, and even pet cremation jewelry designed to hold tiny portions of the remains of your beloved friend. These types of items are also widely available for quick delivery from many sources across the Internet.

So, clearly, the sky is the limit when it comes to deciding how to memorialize your pet. You may consider all of your options and still decide that an elaborate memorial is not for you. And that is as valid a response as one which would lead to a full-fledge funeral.

The bottom line is, how to memorialize your pet is a decision that only you -- and your family -- can come to for yourself. But, be warned, it is a very important consideration. Pet memorials are deeply personal and, if given the proper consideration, can be helpful in the realm of relieving the pain of grief.

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