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How much Ashes Do I Have & What Urn Size Do I Need?

Pet owners searching for a memorial to their beloved friend often wonder what size urn they will need. Because the amount of ashes a cremation produces varies significantly depending upon a myriad of factors, it is often best to determine the urn size after the cremation has taken place. But, in cases in which that is not practical, a common rule-of-thumb typically works well to assure that Selecting the right size for a pet cremation urn is important, but easier than one would expectyou do not select an urn that is too small.

The rule of thumb:

In general, you should select an urn that is about 1 cubic inch for each pound that your pet weighed.

It is important to note that this rule cannot be counted on to give reliable results all of the time. But, many memorial industry professionals have found that it is very useful in a vast majority of cases. The rule typically produces a very conservative estimate of the amount of ashes that a cremation will produce. Therefore, following this rule will usually guide you to select an urn that is large enough for your pet. There is a risk, of course, that the urn will be larger than you actually need, but, for many pet owners, that is not a significant concern.

How to arrive at a precise measurement:

If the cremation has already been performed and ashes are available, it is possible to figure precisely how large an urn you will need. Just follow the steps below:

Pet urns are available in a great number of designs and sizes1. Measure the width and depth of the temporary container provided to you by the crematory.

2. Open the container and measure and measure to the top of the ashes, which are usually provided to you in a separate plastic bag. (If doing this makes you uncomfortable, do not hesitate to ask someone at the crematory to do it for you. Most will gladly do it.)

3. Remembering from geometry that the volume of a container equals the product of the length, width and height (v=l * w* h), multiply the numbers in step one and then multiply that answer by the number in step two. You will then know the exact size (in cubic inches) of the urn you will need to select.

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